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 2019 Motorcycle Event Schedule
May 4,5 - Observed Trials
June 2 - AMA Professional Hill climb
August 16,17,18 - Annual Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Meet & Bike Show
September 21- AMA Professional Hill Climb
Sept 27,28 - Antique show & Swap Meet
Oct 19 - Annual Trail Ride

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AMA Pro Motorcycle HillClimb

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 Spills and Thrills on the 300 foot hill.  Pro riders from the eastern US Attempt to conquer the hill in the fastest time.  Lightweight motorcycles with high horsepower engines running on nitro-methane and/or nitrous oxide.  The Hill has 2 breakers (or jumps) to cross which always adds to the excitement. 

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Vintage and Modern Trials


  A motorcycle skills event, the riders must ride a marked course over rocks, logs, and man made obstacles while maintaining balance and control of the motorcycle. Points are given when a riders foot touches the ground and the lowest score wins.  

Swap Meets and Shows


Our club holds and hosts several swap meets and bike shows events every year. Everything from vintage to modern. 

Dirt Bike Trail Ride


Fun day in the dirt event for kids & adults  

Must Pre-Register, 200 rider limit!

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Motorcycle Raffle


 Every year our club raffles off a motorcycle .

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White Rose Motorcycle Club

5252 Hillclimb Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362, US

(717) 229-2621