The beginnings of the White Rose Motorcycle Club initiated in 1950, when eight men decided to form a motorcycle club. The eight men were Bill Eckert, Bud Folkenroth, Dale Folkenroth, Phil Goodling, Clyde Hilker, Gordie Mitzel, Charlie Lauer, and Bob Markey. They then enlisted the aid of Raymond Emig, Roger Goodling, Norman Lutz, and Lester Hoffman to have the necessary AMA members needed to apply for an AMA Charter Club.

  In 1952: the White Rose Motorcycle Club of York County was chartered and incorporated and as such can never be moved from the county of York. Kay and Bob Markey were instrumental in choosing the name as it is the symbol of York (The White Rose). The Club colors of green and white were chosen because of the white rose and the green leaf.

  The White Rose Motorcycle Club was chartered, now revenue was needed. The members paid dues, collected junk, tin cans for scrap, held lime runs, turkey reliability runs which were run over dirt, fields and woods roads. We also held block shoots. The first meeting place was held in Goodling's Garage in Stoverstown, PA.

  Howard Mitzel, who was already a fine professional hill climber, joined the Club and he foresaw the promotion of hill climbs as a way to raise money for the Club. On September 7, 1952, the Club held its first hill climb at Claude Rohrbaugh's Farm in Glen Rock and the site was rented for the day. This was the first hill climb in the area for several years and the crowd who came to that first event was large and the entire day's program was deemed a success.


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